fabric frolic

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Lilly Patches
Cross Stitch and More
Palm Beach Quilting
Patchwork Passion
Textile Offcuts
The Embroidery Den
The Quilters’ Patch
Yarra Valley Quilt Yarn & Sew


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The Fabric Frolic is an event run at the start of each year. The design of the event changes each year with a base colour chosen by the client.

The event is about getting together with a group of friends and visiting all the shops, making a purchase at each and having your business card size passport stamped. Once you have completed your passport, you go into the draw to win major prizes. 

The website is created in WordPress. Throughout the year the website changes and grows as more information comes available. A prize page, sponsors page is added as well as a page for any organised bus trips and other pages as needed.

I also design and organise the printing of the passport and any flyers for the event along with social media content and EDM’s using MailChimp.